Why choose eckercise

At Eckercise, we don’t just help you lose weight. We don’t just help you increase muscle. We don’t just help you feel better. We help grandmothers be able to pick up their grandchildren without struggling. We help young adults struggling with body confidence feel more empowered to wear their favorite shirt – at any size. We help heel that shoulder that has been bothering you for the last few months that everyone writes off as ‘nothing’. The staff at Eckercise is here to help you feel like the best you ever.

Private Atmosphere

Unlike large crowded gyms, our studio is a secure and private atmosphere which will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Being relaxed is one step closer to achieving your fitness goals!

Efficient Setup

Our studio has been engineered in such a way to allow our clients quick access from one exercise to the next with their trainer. This allows them to have a more fulfilling workout and allows for reaching goals more quickly.

Certified Trainers

Our trainers are certified in their field and are consistently continuing their education. Our trainers are always staying up to date with the newest and best research and technology to supplement your workouts.

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Our history

Elisa Eve moves to Hartford and creates eStudios the future home of ECKERCISE.

Our history

ECKERCISE Health and Wellness Center, the creation of co-founders Tim Eckel and Elisa Eve opens at eStudios.

Our history

ECKERCISE moves from two dumbbells and a bench to a full featured studio.

Our history

ECKERCISE expands its studio space!

Our history

ECKERCISE introduces the nutrition aspect of the business.
Co-Founder / Head Trainer
Hello, I'm Tim Eckel, a personal trainer based in Hartford, CT- dedicated to getting people in great shape & improving their lifestyle.
Tim Eckel
Co-Founder / Head Trainer
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Coming Soon
Tim EckelCo-Founder / Head TrainerCo-FounderComing SoonTrainer
Wendy S.
74d ago

Tim has been such a great trainer - he makes sure I am aware of all the areas I need to work on (exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.) and is very good at pushing me when I need to be pushed and allowing me a little slack when I need that. I have never been more motivated to lose weight AND feel more accountable both to myself and to Tim to follow what we have set up for me to work on each week. If you are looking for a trainer that truly cares about what you are trying to do (lose weight, eat healthier, gain strength, etc.) you won't go wrong with Tim! Highly recommend.

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