A lot of my female clients come to me with a fear of weight training. So, why is there this stigma with weight training and women?


Weight training is among one of the more successful means through which both men and women can choose to get in shape, look good, improve their health, lose weight, and raise their self-esteem. Given this fact, it would be expected that more women would be involved in weight training. However, this is not the case.  So why aren’t more women rushing to try this tested and proven option? Continue reading Women and Weight Training Why the Stigma


Exercise has a host of serious health benefits, not to mention the positive effects it can also have on mood, body image, and self-esteem.  So getting into the gym and training in any capacity is a great achievement in itself. But what about your personal exercise routine? Do you train in the morning or at night, and what are the possible benefits associated with each?

Let us examine the difference…

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