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I joined a little over a month with Eckercise. It’s been great Tim the trainer is always there for you even when you aren’t working out. He’s a great motivator and accommodating to my busy schedule when possible. I like my results and his knowledge of health and wellness is a big help. It’s been a great experience. I would recommend to invest in your health with Eckercise, it will pay off. Thanks Tim

Tim has been such a great trainer – he makes sure I am aware of all the areas I need to work on (exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc.) and is very good at pushing me when I need to be pushed and allowing me a little slack when I need that. I have never been more motivated to lose weight AND feel more accountable both to myself and to Tim to follow what we have set up for me to work on each week. If you are looking for a trainer that truly cares about what you are trying to do (lose weight, eat healthier, gain strength, etc.) you won’t go wrong with Tim! Highly recommend.

Working with Tim to develop flexibility, strength, and functional improvement. Efficient, personable, effective, motivating, and knowledgeable.

I really enjoy my work out. I love it when he thinks he pulling 1 over on me but I call him on it but I know it it’s 4 my own good. Keep it ? like it 4 it makes me work harder.

– Gwendolyn W.

Tim is great, easy going, knowledgeable and highly motivated. He works with you to find and strengthen your weak spots, the workouts are always fresh and creative and he knows how to push your limits without going too far.

Tim is great! Highly motivating in a positive way, genuinely wants to help in any way possible, prices are very reasonable. Tim is well versed in his knowledge of nutrition and fitness. I’ve been at the gym for years and just the first workout with Tim and I felt it in muscles and places I didn’t know existed. Highly recommend!!!

Tim is an excellent trainer. He takes his time to get to know your needs and doesn’t give you cookie cutter work outs. He makes things easy to understand and always keeps things interesting. I always look forward to my sessions at Eckercise. Not to mention he is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. You won’t be disappointed.

Tim is amazing and I am thrilled that I found him on here. In one nutrition session, I found someone that is energetic, enthusiastic, creative and knowledgeable. He knows all about my thyroid disorder and came prepared with a nutrition plan and backup plans and all sorts of other things – right at our consult! A consult turned into a full on Nutrition Session because he was so prepared and I loved everything he had to say! I feel like I can finally conquer everything that I have been worried about with his help! I look forward to going to Tim for training sessions too!

Tim has been such a great help from the first session. He is motivating, knowledgeable and innovative. I always look forward to my next session. He helps me set goals and continuously pushes me past what I previously thought was achievable. Highly recommended!

Excellent work out sessions this guy knows what he is doing from diet to teaching I’m constantly learning about my body his studio is always clean and organized I would recommend him to everybody it is consistently a great experience.

Tim is an excellent trainer whom I highly recommend. Rather than using a “standard routine”, he designs his session to focus on an individual’s needs and goals ie. weight loss, strength, increased flexibility in a particular area, etc. In every session he addresses any new issues or concerns or injuries and incorporates appropriate exercises. I find him the perfect motivator – somehow he pushes me without my even realizing how he does it. He is pleasant and encouraging and at the same time convinces me to work harder. My fitness level has improved significantly while working with Tim and he has also directed me to other resources and programs to help in my efforts to improve fitness and lose weight. Again, without any hesitation I recommend Tim as a personal trainer – he is the best!!

I have dealt with numerous trainers over the years and none of them have held a flame to Tim at Eckercise. He has helped me achieve the results that I’ve always wanted and he is such a down to earth person and gives me realistic goals and challenges. I would recommend him to anyone! Hartford best kept secret for Personal trainers.

Tim is a great trainer – he is knowledgable and dedicated to the work he does with his clients. I’ve had several injuries from the past and he has given me great options in creating a solid workout routine. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.

Very thorough service. Helps set achievable goals and tracks diet and arranges targeted workouts to achieve goals. Great conversation too.

Tim is affable, organized, and all around good company. He is creative, well-trained, and flexible. I have been his client for 3 months, and would highly recommend him. I am a senior citizen who has gained muscle, tone, and strength, AND lost weight.

Amazing personal trainer who loves his job with a lot of knowledge in his field ! He listen all my concerns and goals and he personalized my workouts and meals ! I had a blast working out !!! I recommend to anyone who just wanna start exercising or who wants to get to next level !!!

I have been working out with Tim for past 2 month and the best thing about him is he can understand my pain points, which no one did before. I have pain in my ankle/knee /wrist and every session I have with him , he will spend some time strengthening muscles in those areas and I have started to feel the difference already. I really enjoy working out with him as I can connect so well with him and he keeps me motivated to come to the Gym.

I have been working out with Tim for nearly a year and I’m very pleased with the results. He’s an excellent trainer and provides lots of nutritional tips and advise… personalized to my goals. His facility is clean with up-to-date equipment and plenty of parking. A++

I have been working with Tim for six months and I love every minute of it. Tim takes the time to monitor my progress at each session and he tweaks the workout just for me, whenever I need it. He is so patient and really enjoys what he does. He makes you feel comfortable so you really want to get exercising. You will really love working with Tim !! He knows his stuff.