Training Experience : 10+ years
Certification : NASM

Tim Eckel is co-founder and head trainer at ECKERCISE health and wellness center. He is a NASM certified trainer who has been exercising and growing his knowledge of the field for longer than he can remember. He believes that the body itself is the best tool to use for an efficient workout. The concept of ECKERCISE was created after many years of personal research fueled by Tim’s belief that their are certain muscles in the body that are under-utilized. After you begin to activate these muscles (using the ECKERCISE techniques) the body can more efficiently burn fat, create lean muscle and recover from trauma.

Training Experience
Co-Founder of ECKERCISE
Co-Founder of ECKERCISE Health and Wellness Center
NASM Certification
Kinesiology Specialty Program
Weight Loss Specialty Program
Branford Hall
Training Skills
  • Weight Loss 100 %
  • Adults 50+ and Seniors 65+ Training 100 %
  • Rehab / Injury Recovery 100 %
  • Increasing Lean Muscle 100 %
  • Increasing Confidence 100 %